As the mother of 8 children I am forever being asked why would I have so many??? I Usually joke that I want a dozen so I can call them the dirty dozen or to see if they are Cheeper by the dozen. I have put together my top 7 reasons.

1.My kids are ridiculously cute.they must get it from me…

2.They make me laugh.I dont know where they come up with some of their stuff but they are some funny kids.just the other day I was grilling my kids on fire safety and asked my six year old daughter what to do if her clothes were on fire.she says “don’t put them on”she was being serious but I have been laughing for days.its refreshing in this crazy messed up world.

3.I believe children are a blessing.for some reason God placed them here with me.

4.I love watching them with each other.some of my favorite parenting moments are sitting back watching them spend time together.anyone who has ever watched two preschoolers play together knows what I mean.

5.i wanted to give them what I had.i am one of 8.i had playmates and partners in crime.i was never lonely.

6.i believe in doing the right thing .four of my children are adopted .i want to leave the world a better place.

7.i am hoping they take care of me when I’m old.

A houseful of boys

I remember the day I found out I was having a little boy.i was so excited.i already had a couple of nieces and dreamed of a little boy I could put overalls on.i never thought about the fact that little boys turn into big boys or that I would be blessed with six boys.cute little boys all to quickly turn into big teenage boys.  Four of my little boys are now as tall as me.and wrestling and rough housing is not as cute when teenage boys are doing it as four year olds.some days I feel like I am living in a frat house.i am constantly picking up broken stuff and go through food like crazy.i don’t even want to talk about the smell.

On days I feel frustrated I think about  my friends with girls.all the boys are so clear with their emotions.if they are upset  they usually punch each other and are done with it.with my one teenage girls everything’s a crisis.i am not sure I could deal  with six of that.i always say with boys when they come running at you you don’t know of you are going to get hugged or hit.

And let’s remember how much boys love their mamas.

I love my two girls but I guess if I had to choose I would keep the boy’s.I would just buy more durable furniture and pad the walls.and of course keep the er number on speed dial.





My 9th “kid”Nicholas

After living 10 years in a small village with my children my husband and I decided to buy a small farm in the country four years ago.We wanted to give our kids a wholesome childhood and get back in touch with a simpler lifestyle.After getting the hang of pigs,cows,chickens,rabbits,and a horse we thought a goat would be fun to have around.I have fond memories of visiting a friends house as a child and they had a sweet old goat who would follow us around.It turns out we got a defective goat.After we got him he got sick.We settled him into a box in our unfinished basement where it was warm and dry and got him medicine from the vet.He was there a few weeks.He seems to understand everything you say to him.One day my mother a nurse came over and was surprised he never tried to climb the stairs to the first floor.She told him that he was a silly goat and could climb stairs.The next morning I found him in my kitchen.!He had climbed the stairs and let himself in.

After he was better we decided it was time he live in the barn with all the other farm animals.We built a nice goat pen for him. Unfortunately he prefers the house.We have build him several different pens and have yet to find one that suits him.He will climb over,chew the lock off,and if all else fails ram his way through.We tried chaining him up but he carries on and makes awful noises.We got him two new goat friends thinks he might be lonely and that they could teach him some goat manners,instead he lets them out to get into mischief with.  One day he even got his head stuck in a children’s potty chair I had put out to the garbage.

I guess Until we figure something out I am stuck here with a naughty goat.The kids love him he plays in the sandbox(eats the sand)with them.runs with them while they ride their bikes and has picnics with them(sitting right in the middle of the table).We probably not the only people who have to sneak out their doors so the goat doesn’t get in or watch for the bus so he doesn’t follow the kids on AGAIN!!And I sleep better if I think I am not the only person who has ever said”Shut the car door before the goat gets in and eats half the groceries again”

I just realized the inmates are running the asylum…

First things first.I never planned to start a blog.This blog will be about the adventures of parenting 8 crazy  children.some times I can’t believe it myself.we didn’t grow our family in the traditional way.we have four biological children and four adopted children.we have also fostered many foster children.we both also have large family so our large country farmhouse is always busy.throw in cats,dogs,goats,chickens and a barn full of animals. It’s a crazy adventure but I wouldn’t change a thing.

  meet thekid-lets  

thing one-a tall farm loving 15 year old boy.we called him the riddler when he was little.he used to ask questions and will talk to anybody about anything.

thing two-a thirteen year old boy.

thing three-a thirteen year old boy

thing four -a twelve year old boy.

thing five-a twelve year old girls.sort super excited for a sweet little gir but got tis child instead.this is a scrawny fire cracker who will cry if we suggest a dress .

thing six-a sweet nine year boy

thing seven-a super girly six year old girl

thing eight -a four year old little boy who does not think he is little


Stayed tuned if your interested in hearing about our crazy adventures